The Alentejo is located in the south of Portugal, between the River Tagus and the Algarve region. To the east, it borders with Spain and it is bathed by the atlantic ocean to the west. It's an extensive region, essentially rural and thinly populated, occupying a third of the whole continental part of Portugal.
The beauty of its landscapes and the quality of its archaeological, monumental, architectural and ethnographic heritage and, par excellence, its gastronomy and wines, provide it with exceptional legacies to be discovered through walking and hiking routes.

Choose Portugal for your next journey !

In Portugal, we take the Covid pandemic19 very seriously and we are doing everything to protect all our citizens and visitors. Tourism is our reason for living and we want all of you to return and that's why we keep HOPE and say it out loud: Can't Skip Hope. Please postpone your trip and your holidays, but always choose Portugal. We wait for you with open arms.

Walk In Alentejo is a trademark of SAL, a tour operator specialized in Walking and Hiking in Portugal since 1996. Walking with us is the best way to discover a landscape, an unknown region and adifferent country.
The perfect harmony with nature, traditions and with high quality products make each trip a unique experience. Discovering Alentejo is a way to find a genuine, peaceful and an adventure destination full of tasty surprises.
In view of the COVID 19 Pandemic that affected the entire planet, it was necessary to create effective responses to the restoration of tourism health security. Turismo de Portugal IP, the institution that oversees Portuguese tourism, has created a Code of Conduct and Safety Procedures that aim to guarantee the greatest confidence to tourists visiting Portugal. SAL and Walk in Alentejo are already included in the Clean & Safe label.

The whole offer of Walk in Alentejo is fantastic for us. Choosing the best suggestions is like asking parents which child is the most beautiful. However, here we highlight those options that we think may be of your greatest pleasure. Be sure to consult the entire offer that appears in the right column and consult all the information found in the upper and lower bars of the website pages.

3 or 6 Days Program - From 2 participants

Marvão is located on a huge rock, in a quartzite crest that is part of the Serra de São Mamede.
It is through these dream scenarios that it is possible to walk in complete safety on a well-organized network of walking ...

EN2 National Road Best Trails
11 Days Program - October to May (*)
Groups from 6 to 16 participants
The EN2 National Road is one of the three transnational roads in the world, which crosses all of Portuga. It covers ten municipalities in the territory of Alentejo, where we ...

3 or 26 Days Program - September to May (*)
Groups from 2 participants
Rota Vicentina is the best linear hiking route in Portugal, with high beautiful landscape, a territory of sublime landscapes, where the Atlantic coast and the old ways of the pilgrims who crossed the Alentejo. All along

3 or 19 Days Program - September to May (*)
Groups from 2 participants
The Caminho de Santiago of Alentejo passes through the old access routes to the deep interior of the territory. Paths marked by centuries of conquests among ...

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Walk in MARVÃO
3 or 6 Days Program

3 or 6 Days Program


3 or 6 Days Program

3 to 26 Days Program

3 to 19 Days Program


Alentejo Overview
12 Days Program

EN2 National Road Best Trails

11 Days Program

Guadiana River Great Tour
9 Days Program

The Mountains of São Mamede
7 Days Program

Meghalitic Circuit of Alentejo
7 Days Program

Magnificent Castles of Alentejo FIVE DIFFERENT ROUTES
7 Days Program

Landscapes of Alqueva Big Lake
7 Days Program

Roman Heritage
7 Days Program

Misterious Inland of Southwest
7 Days Program

Hotel Monte Filipe
3 or 6 Days Program

Hotel Rural Santo António
3 or 6 Days Program

Heaven Inn Hostel Évora

3 Days Program

In view of the Coronavirus pandemic that generated COVID19 worldwide, all "Walk in Alentejo" walks are CANCELED until the situation normalizes.




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